Licensing and Partnering

Everything about WebhookDB, including its features, technical design, pricing, licensing, and support, is built to help teams execute better, faster, and more reliably.

We think of our customers in two broad camps.

In the first camp are early startups and entrepreneurs, who need to do a whole lot with very little, and have minimal budgets or appetite for contracts. But they are willing to take API2SQL for a ride and see how it solves their problems.

For these folks, we offer WebhookDB entirely for free. That means unlimited integrations, and unlimited storage per-integration. While this may change in the future, the fact is that WebhookDB is so reliable and efficient to operate, that we what we spend on these customers, we get back in vibes.

In the second camp are the customers who are looking for another level of value, and are willing and able to spend some money to get it. All of these customers have some nontrivial needs around integration of 3rd or 1st party APIs, like reliable webhooks, single sources of truth, real-time analytics, and integration with non-standard or non-public APIs that integration platforms don’t support.

These customers understand how API2SQL, and other features like synchronous reliable “super” webhooks, solve their integration headaches. And because those headaches are so significant, they’re happy to pay us to make them go away.

We generally work closely with these customers. For one, we bring to bear our consulting and freelance development experience from Lithic Technology. This means WebhookDBprofessional services are absolutely best-in-class, not an afterthought.

Second, we work with you to figure out a licensing structure that works for your needs; most commonly, this is a yearly license with a conversion into a “source” license, so you don’t need to worry about paying for WebhookDB in perpetuity or losing access if we go out of business. You get all the benefits you’d have if you had built it yourself.

These usually include a significant amount of custom integration development — in fact, most of our WebhookDB integrations have been developed in a custom capacity.

If you’re interested in taking WebhookDB for a spin using our publicly available integrations, head on over to the terminal and get started from your browser. You can easily change your license later.

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