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WebhookDB accelerates application development and performance by extending your existing database withAPI2SQL data integration superpowers.

WebhookDB syncs, ingests, schematizes, and automates data from 3rd party APIs in realtime, enabling a single source of truth for your application builders and product managers.

Replicate and query any API, in real-time, with SQL, right from your existing database, and see how fast and simpleintegration with external APIs becomes.

API2SQL Spells NO Cloud Middleware

WebhookDB acts like a database extension that takes 3rd party API data and syncs it right into your database — you’ll have fresh API data in heart of your application backend. Instant access, always available, normalized and schematized.

We call our new integration paradigm API2SQL. No more wasting key developer cycles on API integration, or staffing to deal with proprietary iPaaS frameworks, or expensive lock-in to cloud middleware.

WebhookDB cuts the Gordion knot of API integration. Forever.

With API2SQL, application developers access 3rd party API data using the same database they use for application data. This unified application data reservoir approach simplifies development, and enables product teams tofocus on your core value proposition, not 3rd party API integration.

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Unbeatable Partnering & Pricing

We know that a paradigm shift from REST or GraphQL is no simple thing. That’s why WebhookDB’s API2SQL reservoir-based integration approach comes equipped with a partner-first business model.

Take advantage of our pre-built integrations for leading API providers, from Stripe to Twilio. Most of our partners have us build custom integrations — we can tackle literally any API, 1st or 3rd party.

License WebhookDB as a fully-hosted SaaS, or for self-hosting, or with a source license for unlimited development.

We’re not trying to build the next integration-as-a-service hub to compete with our customers and partners. Instead, we’ve built a next-generation integration capability to empower our partners. It turns out most API integration is a commodity problem; WebhookDB solves it for you so you can move on to more important things.

API2SQL Is Better

API2SQL offers a new, superior paradigm for API integration, replacing legacy patterns like REST, GraphSQL, and WSDL.

What makes API2SQL superior?

  • Fast: Query a local database instead of a remote 3rd party server.
  • Flexible: Use standard SQL tools to inspect schemas, select and filter data, and anything else you can do with SQL.
  • Practical: Integration is a breeze. Get up and running in seconds for any supported API. Unit testing is a lot more fun than using HTTP.
  • Secure: Use standard SQL-based access controls for different parts of your system, rather than rudimentary access control most APIs offer.
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API Data Reservoir

Reservoirs are designed to collect drainage over large area and turn it into clean, safe, and predictable water servicing various activities downstream.

WebhookDB is designed the same way: we collect and process data from external APIs and make it structured, relational, and accessible for use in your applications and analytics.

Learn more about API2SQL and the API Data Reservoir.

Our Guide.

As developers ourselves, we place a strong emphasis on clear documentation and intuitive, efficient tooling. We want you to be able to get up and going in minutes. Read our documentation for more information.

Learn why we built WebhookDB.


Try It.

We’ve hosted the WebhookDB CLI as a Web Assembly binary you can run in your browser. This is a fully functional WebhookDB CLI, so you can get started here, and continue using it on your own machine.

Use the terminal window below, or go to the dedicated terminal page.

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