Why would they do that!

Rob Galanakis on May 24, 2023

programmers reading code behind two doors, one with more cursing than the other, correlating code quality and cursing

Or, how to stop worrying and learn to love every API.

The metric of "WTFs per minute" is not perfect, but it does convey a deep-rooted belief of most programmers: the way we do things makes sense, and this other way makes less sense.

This belief is also why programmers love WebhookDB:

  • You get to query APIs using whatever database you love, and
  • Someone else (usually us) figures out how to sync data out of the API.

Separating these concerns, as discussed previously, means you don't need to worry about the intricacies of 3rd party APIs anymore. You can truly "stop worrying", love every API, and be confident that your database has the most current, normalized, and schematized data possible.

WebhookDB takes on the integration complexity, keeping your application simpler. Under the hood, we have a whole bunch of systems that make integrating literally any API, if not easy, then at least not nearly as bad as it could be.

Or, as Jason from Hearth put it:

Our in-house solution for calendar syncing was falling over and taking time away from more important features. Migrating to WebhookDB allowed us to quickly get our core features into a scalable state. On top of that, our architecture got simpler.

If you're ready to stop worrying, and learn how to love your 3rd party APIs (and WebhookDB!), then give WebhookDB a try or get in touch.

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