Continuous Parquet Sync to Amazon S3

Rob Galanakis on March 27, 2023

apache parquet logo

WebhookDB can currently sync data from its central storage (PostgreSQL or DynamoDB) to another Postgres database, SnowflakeDB, or an arbitrary HTTP endpoint.

Today we are opening a waitlist for syncing data to Apache Parquet files stored in Amazon S3, which is probably the most common setup for data analytics tooling.

This uses WebhookDB's Change Data Capture concept and the the webhookdb dbsync command to automatically write changes to Parquet files stored in S3.

This setup, especially combined with serverless central storage like Amazon Aurora Serverless or DynamoDB, creates exceptionally low operational cost and complexity for WebhookDB.

If you're interested in syncing your data to Parquet files in Amazon S3, please let us know so we can get you on the waitlist.

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