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WebhookDB is Open Source

March 11, 2024

We're aligning our business with our values and community and going Open Source,

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Every API is Unique

June 8, 2023

Just like people, every API is unique in its own special way.

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WebhookDB Gives You Wings!

June 1, 2023

Answer any question instantaneously, instead of drowning in documentation and tools.

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Why would they do that!

May 24, 2023

Or, how to stop worrying and learn to love every API.

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Never miss API changes

May 17, 2023

Ensuring changes to external systems are never missed is a difficult problem best left to dedicated services.

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Securing API keys

May 11, 2023

Learn about securing API keys when using React or building any client software.

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API Integration Checklist

May 4, 2023

Ensure a smooth launch of your integrations with 3rd party APIs using our checklist.

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New Pricing Structure

April 17, 2023

Learn about our new transparent and affordable pricing tiers.

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Building for the API 99%

April 10, 2023

Most APIs we use every day are not your Stripes or Shopifys. These are the API 99%.

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AWS Pricing Data Case Study

April 6, 2023

How does WebhookDB compare to other projects that bridge the AWS API with SQL?

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It's Not a SaaS

April 3, 2023

Our licensing model gives you full operational, IP, and cost control. No more deals with the devil.

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All About Custom Integrations

March 30, 2023

Custom integrations allow you to integrate with any API on the planet. It's one of WebhookDB's most important features.

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Continuous Parquet Sync to Amazon S3

March 27, 2023

Write Parquet files to Amazon S3 as part of your data pipelines.

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Designed for Self-Hosting

March 27, 2023

What does it mean to be "designed for self-hosting" and why did we choose this approach?

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Add Change Data Capture to Any API

March 20, 2023

WebhookDB allows you to add Change Data Capture to any API, no matter what.

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WebhookDB ❤️ DynamoDB

March 16, 2023

WebhookDB can write data to Amazon DynamoDB in addition to PostgreSQL.

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Do you need Kafka?

March 9, 2023

I'm not saying you can use WebhookDB instead of Kafka, but you (probably) can use WebhookDB instead of Kafka.

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Don't make big problems out of small data

March 6, 2023

Big data problems require big data solutions and tradeoffs. But very few problems are big data problems.

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Why WebhookDB?

March 2, 2023

WebhookDB is the only option on the market that allows you to ask any API a question and get correct and fast results.

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