WebhookDB for Enterprises

WebhookDB solves headaches for enterprises dealing with modernization and unification efforts of both external and internal services.

WebhookDB and its novel API2SQL” approach will help you:

  • Unify data flows across modern and legacy stacks using industry-standard RDBMS that you’re already familiar with.
  • Support best-in-class intergration patterns between APIs, using SQL and synchronous, reliable “super” webhooks, rather than hard-to-coordinate REST or GraphQL wrappers.
  • Align with the fast emerging MACH(microservices, API-first, composable, headless) partner ecosystem.
  • Capitalize on WebhookDB product integrations across the API economy so you don’t need to write them yourself.
  • Build custom integrations to tie together internal services.
  • Enlist our elite professional services to help you design, plan, and execute on your internal initiatives.

If you’re interested in taking WebhookDB for a spin using our publicly available integrations, head on over to the terminal and get started from your browser. You can upgrade to a paid plan, or switch to self-hosting, later.

To get in touch, use this contact form, or email hello@webhookdb.com.

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