WebhookDB for App Startups

WebhookDB frees developers and startup product managers to focus on your killer app’s functionality and user experience, not the learning curve and idiosyncrasies of API integration.

WebhookDB and its novel API2SQL” approach will help you:

  • Massively reduce development complexity by integrating 3rd party APIs via SQL rather than custom REST or GraphQL clients.
  • Get data change notifications through our amazing synchronous, reliable webhooks, rather than writing against the provider’s webhook implementation, or polling yourself.
  • Avoid the cost, lock-in, and performance penalty associated with iPaaS and “no code” data connectivity platforms.
  • WebhookDB’s developer-friendly, partner-advantaged engagement model enables affordable pricing with support for product customization.

If you’re interested in taking WebhookDB for a spin using our publicly available integrations, head on over to the terminal and get started from your browser. You can upgrade to a pain plan, or switch to self-hosting, later.

We pride ourselves on our partner-focused approach. To discuss licensing WebhookDB for self-hosting, embedded use as OEM, and additional or custom integrations, please use this contact form, or email hello@webhookdb.com.

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